Retro Toy Dispenser Enamel Pin + Tiny Pin Packs

Retro Toy Dispenser Enamel Pin + Tiny Pin Packs

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This toy machine-inspired enamel pin set is very cool because you can swap out which pin goes in the toy machine capsule! There's one big 2-inch pin of the toy machine and five tiny 0.5" (squee, I love tiny things) theme-related pins in each set. The tiny pins pop right into a hole in the toy capsule part of the larger pin. That means you can change up which prize is displayed. The tiny pins also make super-cute board fillers to fill in the gaps in your pin boards. Wear 'um, trade 'um, display 'um! 


Retro Food Pack

Head back to the 80s and 90s with the retro food pack! This theme includes one 2" gold toy dispenser pin and 5 tiny pins. The tiny pins are a Kid Cuisine, Happy Meal, Ring Pop, Hi-C Juice Box, and Dunkaroos. (The Dunkaroos are 0.7" and the rest of 0.5".) The toy dispenser has 2 pin posts and white rubber clutch. The tiny pins are single-posted. 

This is an open-edition project.

Artwork by Kim Petty.