Heremeow's Secret QR Club

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An enamel pin that's also a gateway to secret discounts, preorders and fun! Join the club (by ordering this pin), scan your pin with any free QR code reader (these come with most phones) and unlock the following:

  • Members only discount codes with unlimited use
  • Secret pre-order access
  • Holiday discounts
  • Seconds sales
  • Funny videos
  • Soon to be the only way to get a discount from Heremeow

How to use:

When you see the black "QR" box on any Instagram post, that means it's time to scan your pin! Your QR reader will magically take you to something cool. The QR code is "dynamic" which means Heremeow can make it do many things. More secrets will be unlocked with an included "when to scan me" card that comes with the pin. 

***All members agree to never share the QR code on social media or it will spoil the fun! Anyone found abusing the secret codes will unfortunately have to be blocked from our shop.***

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