Sell with Friends of Heremeow

Are you an independent shop looking for a sales boost? Are you uncomfortable shipping your pins to customers worldwide? Then, you may want to consider selling your pins with Heremeow! Send us your pins, make a commission as they sell and we will do all the marketing, shipping, and customer service.

How it works:

  1. Email Kim or contact her on Instagram @heremeow. Let her know which pins you would like her to consider for wholesale.
  2. If your pins fit the Heremeow brand and are high quality she will send you a contract to review.
  3. Mail a "test" quantity of pins to Heremeow (5-10 pins) so we can see how they sell. 
  4. As your pins sell, you will be paid a commission. Right now the commission is 70/30 (artist get 70%). Payments are made every Friday via Paypal.
  5. As pins sell out, we will let you know and possibly request more.

What we do:

  • Market your pins on our Instagram @heremeow
  • Sell your pins at under the "Friends of Heremeow" collection.
  • Ship your pins worldwide.
  • Handle customer service.
  • Sell your pins at trade shows. Note: We don't do a lot of shows but the ones we do are big comic conventions.

We will always tag you and credit you as the owner of your pins on social media and our website. You can ask for your unsold inventory back at anytime. We highly suggest you include backing cards with your pins or your personal branding.