Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Enamel Pin on Pin

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****Note from Heremeow: There is a limit of 1 pin per guest for this item. If you order more than 1, you will be refunded. This pin is in high demand and I really want the customers who want the pin for themselves to get one in order to complete their collection. Thank you. ****

***Note about Grading***

A-Grade - best quality

B-Grade - specs of glitter in the wings

C-Grade - something other than misplaced glitter like epoxy chip

This is pin 5 of 7 storybook pins based on the seven Harry Potter Books. It is a Pin-on-Pin which means there are two layers that are attached to each other to give it a 3D look. It also features a thestral, burning proclamation, prophecy, Kreacher, Padfoot, I must not tell lies, and Crookshanks eating an extendable ear. The 3D element is the thestral.

I hope to release one pin in the series each month so be sure to follow me on Instagram @heremeow to find out when the next pin is released! Book Six releases for preorder on September 1 at 6PM EST.

  • Size: 2"
  • Soft Gold Enamel with Epoxy
  • Double pin backs with pink rubber clutch
  • Glitter on both parts
  • Back stamp 
  • Limited Edition 120

    Artwork by Kim Petty

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