Pin, Sticker, and Patch Display Ideas

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As a pin designer and collector not only do I end up with a lot of pins but also a lot of stickers and patches. Below are some of the ways I display my collections and how you can either make them yourself or purchase what you need.

Pin Board Display Ideas

Don't even ask me how many pins I have. I get them through trades or buy them to support other artists. My entire home office is covered in pins. This is how I keep them displayed.

Hexagon Felt Boards:

These are 5" felt boards with sticker backings that I can add to the wall as my collection grows. They come in a lot of colors. 

A pin board display using hexagon felt boards.

Where to buy: AliExpress. Search for "3D Hexagon Felt Sticker Board Home Furnishing Wall Storage Felt Stickers Decorative Sticking Board With Pushpin" from DreamHome Store. 
Price: About $1.50 each shipped free from China
Pins designed by various artists.

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

To make my own prettier cork board. I bought a standard 18" x 22" board and tightly wrapped fabric around the edges. I taped the fabric in place on the back of the board with duct tape. Once I put the pins on the board the fabric is naturally pinned down.

A fabric wrapped pin board with pins by Heremeow.

Where to buy: I got my board from Target in the school supply section and the fabric from Joann Fabrics. I used a thicker upholstery fabric that was on sale.
Price: Bullet Board was about $9 I think and I bought 1 yard of fabric.
Pins designed by Heremeow.

Harry Potter Themed Pin Board

For a custom Harry Potter pin board I bought a Wizarding World Map and trimmed it a little to fit a standard bulletin board. The only issue with this display is that when I remove a pin I have to remember to put it back in the same holes.

A harry potter pin display

Where to buy: Board is from Target and Ebay has the map.
Price: About $9 for the board and $3 for the map.
Pins designed by various artists.

Pin Pages by Heremeow

When I was a teen in the 90s I got a pin collecting binder in Disney World that had flocked pages inside to place your pins. I decided to remake these pages and call them Pin Pages. This product is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a lot of space or likes the idea of cataloging their pins. Right now I only have these left in pink but you can grab a pack of 4 pages for $16. They include sheet protectors to store your backing cards in too.

Where to Buy: Heremeow.
Price: $16 for 4 flocked pages and 4 sheet protectors/page dividers

PinFolio by GoPinPro

I just ordered one of these because I like that the binder is included and it zips closed. Basically, it's a binder with tough foam pages to store your pins. They were invented by kids who like pin trading in Disney Parks and wanted something easy to carry around. This design has a see-through window and backpack straps. Comes in several colors too.

Pinfolio Pro

Where to Buy: GoPinPro Etsy Shop
Price: This one is $69.99 with free shipping. They have smaller ones too as well as Disney themed designs.

Sticker and Patch Displays

A lot of times I end up with stickers and patches either from an order I placed, a trade, convention or subscription box. For a while I was storing them in a tub but really needed something better! That's when I remembered the old photo albums from the 80s with "magnetic" pages. Basically these photo albums have cellophane pages that cling to a sticky backing. When you pull up the cellophane you can store any flat object (photo, sticker, patch, backing card) underneath. I have one binder for my stickers and another one for my patches.

Sticker book display

Patch display book

Where to Buy: I found mine at Target in the clearance section because they had minor damage. If you search their website for "magnetic page photo album" you should find it. You can also find them at thrift stores!
Price: $10

How do you store your pins, patches and stickers? Let me know in the comments below!

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