Hairy Otter In There’s a Rock in My Pocket

The following is a summary to go along with my first Hairy Otter pin!

Hairy Otter in There’s a Rock in my Pocket

Hairy Otter wakes up one day and looks down at his paws. There’s a letter in his hand! It’s from Derblewarts School of This and That! Hairy learns it’s time to leave the shack under the bridge he’s been living in and journey to Derblewarts. The trip takes exactly nine and three quarters months to arrive so Hairy was very tired when he finally looked up and saw his new home. He passed out and woke up to the sound of a loud buzzing sound in his otter ears. A snide, frizzy-haired, fly was buzzing around Hairy’s face. She was holding a large book called Nerd Stuff and was smirking like a total smarty pants. 
  “My name is Herflyonie Danger and we should be friends because that’s how things work in chapter books and I’ve read every chapter book at Derblewarts” she said to Hairy.

   Hairy agrees that it would be nice to have a friend even if that friend is totally obnoxious. They start to head into the old school warehouse building when they trip over a derpy weasel.

   “Watch where you’re going, you two!” Shouted the weasel. “My name is Won-won Weasel and I’m a total dork, really poor, but have a huge heart. Let’s be friends!”

  And so the new three best friends headed into Derblewarts and got sorted into the same club! They were now apart of the Griffindop Club and everyone knew Griffindops were the bees knees. All the snakes and one bat were put in the Slitherrot club because that was a club for jerks who needed to learn more life lessons. There were two other clubs that weren’t as cool at Griffindop but sometimes guest starred in various plot points. 
  Over the next few months, Hairy, Herflyonie, and Won-Won Weasel studied very hard to learn Defense Against Things that Wiggle, Cooking, Cleaning, Planting, and How to Kick a Ball. Hairy was even invited to the Dodgeball team but accident swallowed the dodgeball during his first game against Slitherrot. 
  The headmaster of Derblewarts, Dumblebore, was always looking at Hairy Otter and giving him half-explained advice. Then he would walk backwards slowly into his office an lock the door. Hairy was confused by this but it didn’t stop him from doing exactly the opposite of what he was told. Hairy didn’t mean to disobey his teachers, he just knew this plot was all about him and if just sat there the story would be totally boring. 
  On the second to last day of school Hairy noticed there was a rock in his pocket! Dumblebore told Hairy the rock was kinda evil and one of the teachers really really wanted the rock. Hairy chucked the rock at the teacher’s head and won a gift card to Arbee’s for his club! 
  All in all, it was a great first year at Derblewarts.

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